International Tour for Environmental Docus

The six documentaries produced by The Nippon Foundation and the Asian Public Intellectuals with the Center for New Cinema take flight as they are shown and studied in international film festivals, conferences and academic gatherings. With its flagship documentary, Cross Currents: Journey to Asian Environments, and the five country documentaries shot in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, the environmental documentary series address urgent ecological issues that resonate among varied audiences across continents.

First premiered in Bangkok Thailand in 2012, Cross Currents had its European premiere in Rome, Italy and will soon have its American premiere in Chicago, USA. Acclaimed by viewers as enriching environmental awareness in the region, the documentaries are gaining wide viewership for their capability to raise environmental awareness among viewers, not only among festival audiences but more importantly in schools and communities.

With their unique perspective on local responses to natural and man-mad disasters, the documentaries are catching the attention of academics and policy-makers as the six documentaries uncover issues often disregarded by authorities in dealing with environmental challenges. Identifying these local responses as spirituality and social action, the narratives of local communities employing these responses clearly show how they are able to mitigate the risks and help them manage the destruction brought about by disasters that have become natural occurrences in the region.

Recently, the documentaries found screenings at the IASC Conference on the Commons held in Mt. Fuji, Japan; Meta House in Phnom Penh Cambodia; and will go on an islands-tour in various academic institutions in the Philippines and Malaysia.

The five documentaries include:

  • Cross Currents: Journey to Asian Environments
  • Batanes: Journey to the Environment in the Philippines
  • Biwako: Journey to the Environment in Japan
  • Kali Code: Journey to the Environment in Indonesia
  • Khiriwong: Journey to the Environment in Thailand
  • Tasik Chini: Journey to the Environment in Malaysia

All six documentaries can be booked for screenings in schools and communities. Contact Center for New Cinema.


History of Exhibition

June 15, 2012

Asian Premiere: Bangkok, Thailand

August, 2012

Philippine Premiere: Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippines

Film Screening: San Carlos University, Cebu, Philippines

October 2012
European Premiere: Rome, Italy

Conference on Environment featuring Cross Currents: University of the Philippines,
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Organized by API Philippine Fellows: Profs. Cecille de la Paz, May Datuin and Nick Deocampo

June 2-9, 2013

IASC Conference on the Commons: Mt. Fuji, Japan
Workshop on Digital Common featuring API Environmental Documentaries

June 19, 2013

Participation in API-sponsored Forum: Bangkok, Thailand
Youk Chhang

June 22-23, 2013

Documentary Workshop featuring API Environmental Documentaries: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Film Screening: Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

July 23-24, 2013

Featured Films in the National Disaster Consciousness Month: Iloilo City, Philippines
Organized by the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council of Region VI of the National Economic Development Agency (NEDA) in cooperation of Philippine Government Agencies

August 15-17, 2013

Featured Films, Film Literacy Program: West Visayas State University
Launching of Center for New Cinema Website featuring a section on API Environmental Documentaries

August 19-21. 2013

Documentary Filmmaking Workshop featuring API Environmental Documentaries: University of the Philippines Visayas, Iloilo, Philippines

Last week of August

Screening in Tabaco, Albay, Bicol region.

Forthcoming Events

September, 2013

Campus Screening: Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Organized by API Philippine Fellow and Regional Committee Member Dr. Teresita Atienza

September 24-25, 2013

Film Screening: Monash University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organized by API Malaysian Fellow, Dr. Yeoh Seng Guan

October 10-15 2013
North American Premiere: Chicago, USA

Under negotiation: Future screenings in San Francisco and other West Coast areas, USA (possibly 2014)

Under negotiation: Request for copies by U.S. universities: Michigan University, Yale University, University of Manoa (Hawaii).

October 25-30, 2013

Festival Screening: International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic

November, 2013

Campus Screening: University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos, Laguna, Philippines
Organized by API Philippine Fellow, Rudyard Pesino

Possible screening in Mindanao: University of the Philippines in Davao City,

Possible screening in U.P. Baguio City.

Plan to return to Batanes to hold a mini-API environmental film festival and documentary workshop and film literacy program (2014), organized by the Philippine National Coordinating Council (NCC) composed of Philippine API fellows.