Lost Films of Asia

(South East Asia Pacific Audio-Visual Archive Association, 2006)

lost filmsLost Films of Asia is the title of a new book published by the South East Asia Pacific Audio-Visual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA) to raise public awareness of the region’s most important films that either have been lost or are missing. The introduction by Nick Deocampo, a Filipino prizewinning filmmaker and writer, brings to the attention of the readers the precarious situation of films which he refers to as ‘cultural genocide’. Launched 110 years after the first viewing of film in Asia, the book is a valuable reference on 42 lost films from Australia to Viet Nam. To encourage a climate of support for film preservation, Lost Films of Asia includes an article by Ray Edmondson titled “The Role of Archives in Saving (and Defining) Early Films.” The article reasons why archives and archivists are necessary and offers a glimpse of what they have done to bring to the audience today the images of the bygone days.